Overhead Door Openers

Wish List for your Garage

Does it seem like winter is dragging on yet? Do you wish you had somewhere to send your kids where they could still bounce a ball? Not in the house of course, but maybe somewhere warm. Having heat may be on your ultimate garage wish list, and at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ we are here to help you find just the right garage door for your list.


Warm Places to Go

Your garage could be the warm place for the kids to play on these cold days. Whether you have finished walls or bare studs in your garage, it’s never too late to consider insulation. The higher the R-value, the more heat this space can hold. Your family will be thankful for the warm escape, and you might find your vehicle starting up easier on a brisk winter morning if it has some heat.


Flooring that Will Last

Maybe you’re worried about your kids bringing messes along with their fun in the garage. Epoxy floorings may be just what you need. You can buy different colors of epoxy that also protect the concrete from spills and road grime. Tiles can provide good protection, as well, and offer different styles depending on what type of added space you’d like in your garage.


Dependable Door

So perhaps you’re on board with this idea of some added activity space for your garage wish list. Finding a garage door with ample insulation and R-value will be icing on top of this cake for your family. Say goodbye to those plain concrete floors, and say hello to extended living space. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ is ready to answer any questions you have on just the right garage door for you.