Winterize Your Garage

Finding the motivation for outdoor projects is much easier when the weather is pleasant. As the temperature drops, it is best to look ahead and prepare for winter. All it takes is an afternoon and you can prevent frozen pipes and leaking cold air. Focus on these areas when you winterize your garage.



It is best to check your insulation before winter begins. If you do not have insulation, you may want to consider it. Not only does sufficient insulation extend the living space of your home, it can save you money as well on heating costs. You will want to ensure that any cold water pipes running through your garage are insulated as well. One of the best ways is to prevent freezing is by running rope lights along the pipe. These lights emit a low level of warmth, to keep the water flowing.


Weather stripping

Once you have your garage insulated, you will need to seal the edges of your garage door. Check to make sure that your weather stripping is soft and flexible. If your weather stripping does not fill the gap between your garage door and its housing, it will need to be replaced. This also will prevent snow from being blown into your garage, keeping the frost where it should be.



Your car is going to track snow into your garage no matter what. You can prevent the ice, dirt, and salt from damaging your floor, by sealing it before the first snow fall. First, thoroughly clean your floor and identify any serious cracks or holes in its surface. Seal those blemishes with an epoxy resin, followed by a durable floor paint to waterproof the floor. This creates a barrier between your floor and the harsh winter ahead.


Swap Your Summer Toys

All of your summer goods will need to find a home for winter. Organize your summer and winter gear so that you can swap one out for the other. Trade your lawnmower for a snow blower, your spades for your snow shovels, and fertilizer for ground salt. The last thing you want to do is dig through the back of your garage for all of these tools, when it is already freezing. And if you are short on storage, consider investing in a new storage system.


All it takes is an afternoon to winterize your garage. If you need to replace your door before winter hits, reach out to the Overhead Door of Omaha for an upgrade.