Weather Ready Door

Nebraska is known for some strong winds and varying temperatures. Some days it can be a struggle to find the right setup without spending an arm and a leg on utilities. Your garage may be partially to blame, so let’s talk about a weather ready garage door!


Weather Seals

An unwanted draft in your garage is like a pesky itch. You can’t seem to get rid of it. Or maybe you are finding puddles of water and rust on metal around or near your garage door. Both scenarios suggest the weather seals around your garage door may have worn out. As weatherstripping wears out over time, it gives cooler air and the elements an opportunity to sneak inside your garage.



Come check out our Thermacore® insulated steel doors for maximum thermal efficiency. A layer of polyurethane is sandwiched between two layers of steel, and between-section seals reduce air infiltration.  You can have insulation with great design, stop by and take a look at the design options we have available!


Wind Load

Another element of weather to keep in mind, is strong wind. Picture that large garage door flying off its tracks into windows and possessions. We reinforce our wind load doors to withstand the strong force and protect your home.


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