Value Added with New Garage Door

Do you want to improve your home? Surely as a homeowner, one of your main concerns is the value of your renovations. Water features, granite countertops, and new floors may look luxurious, but they do little for the value of your home. Humble upgrades add the most value to your home. So before you spend your money elsewhere, consider the value added with a new garage door.


If you are looking to sell your home, increasing your selling price is the goal. A new garage door adds more value than most at home improvements. At 91.5% according to the 2016 Cost vs Value Report, a new garage door is third most valuable upgrade out of 30 common household renovations. A new door can cost as little as $400, and can provide a wide range of benefits.


Curb Appeal

From the moment you pitch your “For Sale” sign, passersby will be judging your home. Your garage is just as much a part of your curb appeal as your garden, siding, and roofing. Completing the look of your home’s exterior is crucial to a charming exterior. Your home only has a moment to make an impression; make it a lasting one with a new garage door.


Technological Advancements

There are a variety of reasons why the return on investment for a new garage door is so high. One of the most important reasons is safety. The moment you install a new door, your door is safer to use and more secure. Once your door has been upgraded, it is compatible with modern garage accessories, like laser parking mechanisms, battery backup systems, and smart phone apps. With a new door, you can monitor its activity, its security, and open it remotely from your phone.


Other Ways to Improve Your Garage

If you are not yet thrilled by the idea of purchasing a new garage door, you can always update your garage in different ways. Spruce up that old door with a fresh coat of paint so that it “pops”. Break the stereotype of cold, grey concrete floors, and spend an afternoon applying floor paint. Clear up a bit of extra square footage by installing a new storage system. Little garage improvements can make a world of difference.


A new garage door, or even just a few accessories, can improve the value of your home. Getting a new garage door may not be the immediate choice, but it is one of the best ways to value of your home. Call us at the Overhead Door Company of Omaha for a quote today.