Most useful Accessories for Your Garage


Most homeowners use a remote control garage door opener to open and close their garage door upon arrival and departure, but there are other accessories to improve the functionality of your door. At Overhead Door of Omaha, we have a simple remote garage door opener, improvements have been made on the standard two-button model, and even a smaller, keychain-friendly option.


Another useful access tool, particularly for parents, is the exterior keypad. In the event that you lose your house key, the keypad will come in handy. Aside from acting as a backup, the exterior garage door opener is helpful for those who want to keep their home locked while spending time outside, perhaps while going on a run or walking the dog. The Overhead Door Digital Wireless Keypad provides secure door entry for up to three garage door openers.


“Did you remember to shut the garage door?” If you are the type of person who always double-checks, a garage door monitor will help relieve your doubt. A sensor in the garage door monitor will always send a signal to your smart device if the door has been left open. With Overhead Door’s Anywhere™ app, you can monitor any change to your door, instantly open your door for a friend, and access security information including time logs of when the door was used.


Like the garage door monitor, the battery backup system offers peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your home. During a power outage the backup system will be there for you when everything else goes wrong. Modern garage doors can be extremely difficult to lift manually and having this system ensures that you won’t be trapped when you need to be on the move. Overhead Door’s Battery Back-up, powered by Interstate Batteries®, will run up to 50 cycles in the 24-hour period after the power outage.


For added convenience and home security these useful garage door accessories are ideal for the homeowner who likes to be both prepared and on top of home technology trends. Contact Overhead Door of Omaha today to with any questions and to discuss these accessories.


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