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Torsion Springs

Your garage door is heavier than you realize. It takes special innovations to keep your garage light and easy to move. Many people do not realize the importance of torsion springs to the safety of their home. We want you to know what to look for to recognize faulty springs.


What they are

There are two types of springs that keep your garage door operating, torsion and extension springs. Your torsion springs are located just above your closed garage door, while extension springs are above the overhead tracks. Torsion springs balance the door by applying torque. Residential doors have two torsion springs installed to keep the garage door from falling and causing damage.


What they do

Torsion springs enable your door to open and close with ease. A normal garage door weighs over one hundred pounds, and these springs manage the majority of that mass. No other moving object in your home is close to being this heavy. So if you have issues with your springs, it can make your garage door dangerous. There are warning signs of when your garage’s springs may be failing. Especially if your garage door’s balance appears to be off you should call a professional.


Squeaky springs

Squeaky springs can often be a sign that your torsion springs may fail. You can test to see if the springs are just creaky from a lack of lubrication by applying a spray lubricant like WD-40. If your springs are still noisy, it may be time to call a professional to have your torsion springs replaced. Squeaky torsion springs are not the only sign that they need to be replaced. A slow moving garage door can be a signal that you need new springs as well.


Old springs

No torsion springs should last a lifetime, as the average spring life is 4-6 years, if you only use your garage four cycles per day. If you use your garage as the main entry point to your house, it may last only 3-5 years. You will want to regularly check your garage door’s balance to ensure that your springs are functioning properly.


A safe, reliable garage door needs healthy torsion springs to operate properly. At the Overhead Door Company of Omaha, we want to provide you with the knowledge to maintain your garage. If you need professional assistance or a garage upgrade, give us a call.