Tips for Painting Your Garage

Before diving into painting your project, you will want to test your color. When painting inside your home, you just paint patches of your wall and decide which you like best. Outdoors, you want to do the same but you will need to consider a few other factors as well, including:


Material: Garage doors can be made of wood, steel, laminate, and other synthetic materials. These materials may affect the finished look of your coat of paint. You want to make sure that your door is properly primed before painting with your chosen color.


Lighting: Sunlight will affect the finished look of your door. If your door is in the shade, the color may not “pop” the way you imagined it would. Also, if your door is in direct sunlight, the color you choose will fade more quickly than in the shade.


Finish: When choosing your paint, you can choose  finishes ranging from high-gloss to matte. As a rule of thumb, glossier finishes make colors more vibrant, and matte finishes make colors more subtle. You can use this rule to highlight your door if it is in a lowly-lit area, and to tone it down in a well-lit area.


With these considerations in mind you can choose a color and test it. One of the best ways to test a color is by painting it on a smaller piece of scrap that is made of a similar material as your door. You can test this piece in different lighting, and also take it with you while shopping for other design items.


Once you have decided on your color, there are a few helpful steps for success. For outdoor jobs, such as a garage door, you will first want to check the weather forecast. Heat will affect your work; it is best to paint between 50 and 75 degrees. Be sure your door is well-cleaned and you have enough paint for the project – estimate around a gallon for a white or primed two-car garage. Also, keeping some extra paint in the case of scratches or chips.


Helpful tools for painting your garage door include nylon brushes, heavy-duty painters tape, a ¾-inch roller, and newspaper for paint drops. From color and design to accessories and functionality, Overhead Door of Omaha is here to help you with your garage door needs!


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