Spring Cleaning

Warmer temperatures are arriving, and your garage is a great place to start with a little spring cleaning. What does your ideal garage look like? Does it have room for two vehicles and some handy stuff? Having a vision is a great first step.



Once you have a vision in mind, you will likely realize you have not been using your garage space to its full potential. Don’t be afraid to toss or recycle items. If you simply relocate things you won’t ever use, you’re wasting time. Do yourself a favor and eliminate the unneeded items and clutter.


Get Organized

Once you’ve eliminated some unnecessary items, it’s time to create your organizational strategy. You can find lots of space saving tips from wall hangers and ceiling mounts to car lifts and storage cabinets. Think about items you frequently use having easy access, while rarely used items can go toward the back or above your head.


Keep It Tidy

Spring cleaning can be hard work, but putting in a little time and effort can optimize the use of this functional space. Clean your garage surfaces along with outdoor areas every now and then, too. Try to remember to put things back where you found them, as this always makes it easier to find again later.


Don’t forget our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ is ready to answer any questions you may have on just the right garage door and accessories for you as you prepare for spring and summer.