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Space Saving Tips

We all know the feeling as autumn begins; summer has ended, and the temperature is changing. Naturally, you store summer goods in your garage. As the weather gets colder and colder, your garage space seems smaller and smaller. It may feel like you are just moving your mess from one corner to another as you try to organize your garage. But fear not! Here are our space saving tips for your garage to avoid the annual clutter.


You can always start by seeing if there is anything in your garage you could remove. We understand that you may one day need that specific item. This is why you may need a few new accessories, so you can keep all of the items to which you feel attached.



One of the best ways to organize your garage is with lockers. Especially if you have a large family, this storage system can clear tons of space in your garage. Installing lockers is cost effective; if you are keen on do-it-yourself projects, you can even refurbish old lockers. You can choose to organize them by activity, such as sports and yard equipment, or by family member. It does not take much effort, and you can add personal touches that will make your family proud of their lockers.


Ceiling Storage

If you are desperate for efficient storage, ceiling storage is what you need. With a well-built ceiling storage system you can free much-needed square footage. Sliding ceiling storage, elevated shelving, and overhang storage are all viable storage options for your garage. There is plenty of space up there; you just have to be willing to install a new storage system.


Peg Boards and Benches

For the garage that doubles as a workshop, there are many great ways to maximize space. Installing a peg board is just one of these ways. There are an infinite number of ways to arrange your tools on your pegboard to leave your work space organized. Fold-able workbenches are another way to clear space. They are available for purchase, and can be built from scratch for custom dimensions.


Car Lift

Yes, there are car lifts available for residential use. When your garage space seems too small, you can always take serious measures to improve your garage space. This is a project you should not attempt on your own. You can turn a one-car garage into two with a car lift, and never have to worry about leaving a car out in the rain again.


There are many ways to optimize your garage space. Use these space saving tips to make sure everything in your garage has a place. If you are also thinking about a new garage door, call the professionals at Overhead Door of Omaha today.