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New Year and New Ideas

We have been around before some of today’s new homeowners were born. That means we may have learned a thing of two over the years. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ has grown and changed over the years, and we continue to strive to provide great support and service each new year. Let us be your first resource for any garage or shed door needs.



As times goes on, new technology continues to develop. We can guess many of you carry around a smart phone every day. Did you know there are ways to connect your garage to this handy gadget? More than just opening your door, too. For example, it can alert you when the door is open. Perhaps you forgot to close it one morning in a rush to get to work. So, you might want to incorporate this handheld tool into your security smart plan this year.


Tips and Tricks

Speaking of being smart, do you have any checklists for regular maintenance? Your garage door should definitely be on the lists. It tends to cost less by taking a proactive approach when it comes to large mechanical pieces like this, rather than dealing with a bunch of fixes later. We also realize how a garage can serve so many different purposes. We enjoy sharing ideas to save you space and make it more useful.



Saving space and money means you may save a little more in the added curb appeal or garage renovation fund. Yes, we can help with curb appeal and design, too. Not just the mechanics, installation, and service. You might be surprised with how many options exist when it comes to garage door and layout design. Start planning and saving this year.


From our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™, we look forward to sharing tips and ideas each month. Give us a call today to start planning your next project. We’re here to help throughout the new year!