Garage Makeover Ideas

Have you been visioning a garage makeover lately? Maybe a home office, added living space, or more storage space in general.  Our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ knows design and functionality are important.


Home Office

If you have some good windows and an entryway door for customers, a corner of your garage may be all you need to create an at-home office. You can keep this space separate by using two distinct floor coverings. Tile, hardwood, or carpet might be nice options. Even creating a nook for your desk will really give your office its own space way from your vehicles in the garage.


Living Space

Renovating your garage is a common way to expand living space. You will want to start by considering garage flooring options and insulation. Taking a little time to change the flooring, whether it’s just part of the space or the whole area will really add the touch from turning it into a cold floor and storage to livable and cozy. The same goes for insulation. Better insulation will make the garage space a little more “livable” for the added living space.


More Garage

If you’re smart about all the space you have, your garage can double in size. Consider a car lift for your garage. No, you don’t have to be a mechanic to own one. They make some that serve as a rack system in your garage for slim cars. You can turn that one parking space into two, by lifting one car up. You can add pegboards and shelving, too.


Our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ is ready to answer any questions you may have on just the right door to fit your needs as you dream up your garage makeover.