Garage Doors are the #1 upscale project for homeowners

Have you been thinking of ways to remodel or upgrade the look of your home without throwing your money away? Spring is here and the temperature is rising. With that, home improvement projects are on a lot of people’s minds.

If you want a nicer looking home with an attractive garage, now might be the best time to buy! An upscale garage door replacement retained its lead at the top spot in the rankings of 10 upscale remodeling projects studied.*

One question to ask yourself is: why are you looking to upgrade or remodel your home? One reason might simply be to sell it faster. You might be surprised how many people wait until they want to sell before they make the changes they have always wanted. Whatever your purpose is, now is the time to upgrade your garage door and here is why.

A new 2017 Cost vs. Value Report indicated that upgrading your garage door delivered an estimated value at home resale of just under $3,000. The study indicated an 85% return on investment, making it the number one upscale project for 2017. Not only does a beautiful new garage add curb appeal, it also gives value back to the home.

According to an article in Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, exterior home projects deliver more value. Eight of the 10 lowest scoring projects were interior home projects.

The top five upscale projects for 2017 include*:

  1. Garage door replacement
  2. Entry door replacement – fiberglass
  3. Window replacement – vinyl
  4. Window replacement – wood
  5. Grand entrance – fiberglass

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* For more information and specifics about the new cost vs. value report, click here: