Fall Garage Prep

Now is a great time to mark a few things of the “To Do List” as you prepare your home for cooler weather. At Overhead Door Company of OmahaTM, we want you to be prepared for winter. Ready your home and garage for the change of seasons with our fall garage prep guide.



You will need to move all of your summer items, like patio furniture, inflatable pools, and umbrellas, indoors. Lawn care equipment like your lawn mower, garden hoses, and sprinklers, will also need to be stored indoors. For many homeowners, your garage is the primary storage space in your home. Before cluttering your garage with your summer items, get organized with wall-mounted and elevated storage options.



Test the alignment and balance of your door, to ensure snow doesn’t begin creeping its way into your garage. Check the weather stripping to determine if it needs to be replaced before the cold arrives. The final step is lubricating the moving parts of your door. Use a low temp grease on the opener’s chain or screw, and a spray lubricant to coat the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.



Your car will inevitably track snow into your garage. Before this happens, make sure you seal any cracks or holes in the garage floor. Subfreezing temperatures will cause that water to freeze in those cracks, causing further damage to your floor.



The amount of heat that is lost through your garage is directly related to the cost of heating your home. Insulating your garage will pay for itself over time, and provide you with added climate controlled storage during the winter. If you use your garage as a work-space, insulation is crucial, not to mention more comfortable.


Fall garage prep will prepare your home and garage for winter. Call at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ for any upgrades or service before it cools off too much.