Extra Space

Hobbies often require a lot of accessories which can take up a lot of space; especially in the city. It’s time to get creative and maximize the space you do have.


Outdoor Sports

First, look at the extra space right above your garage door. Try installing a rack system to hold fishing poles. Place your tackle boxes full of lures and hooks on a shelf on the wall or above your head. Hang kayaks and bicycles from the ceiling or on the wall. Pulley systems on ceiling mounts can work well for Jeep tops, too.


Handyman Tools

Try a foldable workbench for the at-home handyman setup. It will be easy to bring out on the days you need it, but can otherwise be out of the way. Then, look for pegboards and magnetic strips to hang all sorts of tools on the wall. Wall hangers work well for gardening tools, too.


Sunday Driver

Maybe you have a collector car you want inside but wish it didn’t take up so much space. Look for a car lift for your garage. Manufacturers produce some that work well with slim cars. Turn one parking space into two.


Top off your newly organized space with the garage door of your dreams. Give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ for the right door and opener.