Rolling Steel Doors

Commercial Door Basics

Have you ever eaten in one of those restaurants where they have outdoor seating? Or indoor seating with a big door that opens for an outdoor feel? At Overhead Door Company of Omaha™, we have this commercial door available along with many others. We’d be happy to show you all the different constructions and options.



The door we described at the restaurant can have a great look, too. While some of our steel doors come in different colors, we also have rolling counter doors to divide up some spaces and eye-catching glass aluminum doors. You may have seen some like this at fire stations before.


The Basics

Maybe your business is simply ready to upgrade your older doors at the warehouses and on the shipping/receiving docks. From our rolling and sectional steel doors to advanced service doors, you will also find Thermacore® doors with added insulation and wind load doors to protect from some of those more extreme conditions. Speaking of extreme, it may even be beneficial to try a reliable high-speed fabric or rubber door that opens and closes quickly.


Security and Extras

Safety is also one of our number one priorities, so we have doors available and built for added security. Fire-rated doors built to close in case of a fire to prevent it from spreading may be just what your business needs. We also have security grilles for your indoor business for that extra peace of mind and added security.


Our team at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ has samples on hand so you can explore integrated and reliable options when it comes to finding the right commercial door.