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Holiday Season Traditions

The sun goes down on your way home from work, and holiday lights guide you this time of year. Do you hang up lots of holiday lights? Outdoors and indoors? Our family at Overhead Door of Omaha likes to think of our Christmas lights as a gift to others. Sharing the beauty, joy, and smiles.

Torsion Springs

Your garage door is heavier than you realize. It takes special innovations to keep your garage light and easy to move. Many people do not realize the importance of torsion springs to the safety of their home.

Winterize Your Garage

Finding the motivation for outdoor projects is much easier when the weather is pleasant. As the temperature drops, it is best to look ahead and prepare for winter. All it takes is an afternoon and you can prevent frozen pipes and leaking cold air.

Space Saving Tips

We all know the feeling as autumn begins; summer has ended, and the temperature is changing. Naturally, you store summer goods in your garage. As the weather gets colder and colder, your garage space seems smaller and smaller. It may feel like you are just moving your mess from one corner to another as you […]

Preventative Maintenance

How often do you change the oil in your vehicle? Did you know that your garage door would benefit from regular preventative maintenance, too? When you take a little time today, you can save yourself a potential headache and hefty bill tomorrow. It’s time to follow our preventative maintenance steps below.

Tips for Painting Your Garage

Before diving into painting your project, you will want to test your color. When painting inside your home, you just paint patches of your wall and decide which you like best. Outdoors, you want to do the same but you will need to consider a few other factors as well, including: