Technology Anywhere You Need It

Remotely monitor and control your garage door opener from anywhere. Why not use an app for that? Take control with our OHD Anywhere® Technology today!



OHD Anywhere® can be installed with any compatible door opener so you can monitor and control your garage door using a mobile device. No more worrying about accidentally leaving the door open, or not wanting to give your garage door code out. Just a few taps of a button grants you access and peace of mind.



Furthermore, now you can purchase a garage door opener already set up with the OHD Anywhere® system. The Legacy® 920 openers come equipped with the integrated technology. The new system with the 920 doors even includes battery backup compatibility. Plus, you can choose between an affordable chain unit or smoother and quieter belt-operated product.



Remember, your garage door is often the largest entryway into your home. Receive notifications when your door is opened and closed. Plus, use the controls rather than giving out codes and keys.


Give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Omaha™ today for your own secure garage door system.


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