8 Tips for Garage Door Safety Month

It’s important to talk about garage door safety. Why? Like many other heavy mechanical parts, garage doors can be dangerous. June is “Garage Door Safety Month” and it’s the perfect time to think about home and garage safety. You might also want to have this conversation with your children. Everyone in the home should know about the possible dangers of garage doors.


What should you know about garage door safety?


Garage doors can fail. Tension springs can break. Someone could get hurt. Read these 8 tips for more information about garage door safety.


8 Garage Door Safety Tips:


  1. Read the manual. Review the manufacturer’s installation or instruction manual for safety information about your model.


  1. Kids do not need to operate the garage door. The garage door opener control should be out of reach of children, at least five feet off the ground.


  1. Don’t play with the garage door. Do not let children play on or with the garage door. Never place fingers between door sections. Consider pinch-resistant door panels to help prevent accidents.


  1. Perform inspections of the garage. Inspect the garage door for possible wear and tear. Pay particular attention to springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys. Do not work to remove, adjust, or repair these parts or anything attached to them — unless you are knowledgeable.


  1. Watch out for broken glass. If there is glass on your garage door, check it seasonally to see if cracks may have started.


  1. Unplug for security purposes. If you and/or your family are planning a vacation this summer, unplug the garage door unit or use the lock security switch on the wall console (if applicable).


  1. Keep the door closed. Do not leave the garage door even slightly open at the bottom for long periods of time.


  1. Watch your fingers! Keep fingers, hands, and arms away from tracks, springs, rollers, etc. Know how your garage door works and operates.



We care about your safety and the state of your garage door. Take the opportunity this month to remind yourself and others of the above garage door safety tips. We hope this helps! If you have any concerns, please give us a call at (402) 331-0526.